The Cattell Cemetery is located off of Caulfiled Ave in Deptford NJ. It is an interesting location nestled between several houses and can barely be seen from the road. I visited the site a couple of years ago and took a few pictures with a disposable camera. I lost the camera later in the day in another cemetery, but had no time to go back and look for it before leaving for home in Texas. I mentioned it to my father who lives in Woodbury. He had to wait several days for the snow to clear up, but he went out and found the camera. I am amazed at how well the images came out, or that they came out at all after sitting in the snow for several days, and have included some of them here.

Here is what you will see from the road as you approach the cemetary. It realy doesn't look like much and most people probably drive right passed it not knowing there are even graves back there.

A closer look

Jonas Cattells' head and foot stones.
Click the image for a larger version.

Below are various head stones nestled among the trees.
Some of the names on the tomb stones include:
Charles Cattell
Mary Ann Cattell
George W Cattell
John Cattell
Mary Cattell
Leonard Cattell
Sara Cattell
Flora Cattell (Fatherly)
Edward Cattell
Lillian Cattell

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