Trenton, May 11-1943


IT IS CERTIFIED, That the records of this office show that J O N A S C A T T E L L - Gloucester County - Age 18 -

served as a Private, First and Second Regiments, Gloucester County Militia; enlisted April 1776;
served under Captains Jonathan Williams, Richard Cheeseman, John Huyler, Aaron Chew, Joseph Thorn, and Benjamin Hartley; Private, Captain Samuel Hugg�s Western Company, Artillery, State Troops, enlisted December 1, 1776 to serve six weeks ; was at battles of Trenton, December 26, 1776, and Princeton, January 3, 1777.

Active Service, Militia: Served one month in April 1776; one month from July 15, 1776; one month from September 15, 1776; two months from January 15, 1777; three months, October, November, and December 1777; at battle of Red Bank, October 22, 1777; in engagement November 1777, when Fort Mifflin was taken; served one month from January 15, 1778; in skirmishes with Rangers at the Little Bridge, near Gloucester, Blackwell�s Lane, and at the Big Bridge over Timber Creek; served one month, April 1778; taken prisoner by "Greencoats" ( Loyalists ) ; served two weeks from June 15, 1778; one month, August 1778; six weeks beginning September 1778; later served three weeks � during the Revolutionary War.


Brother of Nathan Cattell.
On June 1, 1840, at 82 years of age,
resided in Deptford Township, Glou-
cester County, at the home of Jonas


(Westly Brown)

The Adjutant General

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